Connor Cruise Is A Foul-Mouthed Brat — Courtesy Of His Ex-Publicist

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Connor Cruise Is A Foul Mouthed Brat   Courtesy Of His Ex Publicist connorcruiseX jpgIt’s not unusual for a 17-year-old to write bitchy, profanity-laden text messages… but a famous 17-year-old might want to think twice about who he sends those texts to. Connor Cruise — son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman — got pissy with his ex-publicist over the GiantsSuper Bowl win, and of course the guy turned around and published Connor’s texts.

After the Patriots lost, Todd Krim tweeted, Sorry @TheConnorCruise maybe next year!!! Seems like playful ribbing, right? Not to uber-sensitive Connor, who sent Todd a furious text. Thankfully, Todd shared that text, and the following correspondence, with the New York Post‘s Page Six:

Connor: That was a gay ass [bleeping] tweet… U don’t say [bleep] like that about my team the second they lose. Low.

Todd: Umm ok… Dude I was [bleeping] joking.

Connor: That was [bleep]ed… Idgaf.

Yes, he used the little-known acronym for “I don’t give a fuck.” Teenage drama is so intense!

What’s bizarre is that after the Patriots’ loss in the Super Bowl, Connor posted this totally reasonable tweetAhh this hurts. But the Giants played a better game and my hat is off to them. Better luck next year #Patriots4Life So maybe he’d been having problems with Todd beforehand. Regardless, Todd announced that he’ll no longer be working with Tom Cruise’s son, despite Connor’s (new) publicist-approved apology:

“What I texted was unacceptable. It is not a reflection of who I am and what I feel, and it certainly won’t happen again.”

However, now Todd’s turned the other cheek, and is even scolding others for drumming up more drama. Today he clarified,

Everyone @theconnorcruise apologized to me for his texts which I accept so the matter is closed as far as I’m concerned. Let’s move on!

And when another user mocked Connor for needing “Daddy’s” protection, Todd added,

@JustinABrenner Justin please drop this subject. I’d really appreciate it.

Guess he doesn’t want to dwell on his (totally awesome) bitchslapping of an entitled celebrity kid.