Connie Britton’s Secret To Looking Flawless Is To Be Beautiful, Also To Eat Almonds

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Connie Britton 2013 Emmys

If God ever approached me with the opportunity to rebuild my body with various celebrity parts, I would most definitely trade out my hair with Connie Britton's hair. Her mane is magnificent. Mine can best be described as the “before part” of shampoo commercials. You know, the part where they use words like dull, lifeless and lackluster. My love for her hair combined with my disdain for my own is why I'm constantly seeking out advice on how to imitate her lustrous locks. Now, thanks to OK! Magazine, we have some words of wisdom straight from Connie Britton herself in an article titled,Connie Britton Shares Her Secrets for Looking Flawless in a Flash.”

Drum roll please….

Be beautiful. Just straight up beautiful. Be the kind of woman who wakes up looking like a million dollars every single the day. The kind of woman who needs no make-up, for it will only distract from the halo that hangs above your head. Have eyes that shine like diamonds and eyebrows that always look freshly groomed. Make sure you're born with amazing cheekbones and even more amazing skin. Have a great metabolism. Also perky boobs.

JK! She didn't say that. She said other silly things like do yoga, eat almonds, get enough sleep and wear mascara. But I think we all know those things only help if you're born beautiful. Otherwise, it's off to the make-up store with you!

(Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com)