Connie Britton’s Hair And 7 Other Things You Should Love About Her

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Connie Britton red carpet 2012 ESPY AwardsHappy birthday to Connie Britton and her glorious sheet of strawberry blonde hair! The beautiful and talented star of Nashville, American Horror Story, and hairdressers' dreams is forty-five years old today and we couldn't be happier for her. This woman has seriously got it going on; if she had been the mom in Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan would've never wanted to get switched back to her real self, and we would've avoided this whole mess in the first place. (We're all in agreement that Lindsay's trouble only started after something got jangled in her brain when they traded bodies, right? Cool.)

Like a fine wine or a Marisa Tomei, Connie only gets better with age, and right now is an especially great time for her. I don't know if you've seen Nashville, but she is wiping the floor with it. It's a pretty well written show, and I like the concept, but without Connie Britton's natural line delivery, expressive faces, and aforementioned GLORIOUS HEAD OF GLORIOUS LOCKS, I don't know that I'd be watching it. But I am and I love it, and you should too. Not just because it's her birthday, but because Connie Britton is my homegirl, and there's more to love about her besides her hair and her everything. In case you're A. stumped or B. still dazzled by her flowing tresses, here's a list of seven other things you should love about Connie Britton on this, the day of her birth.

1. She majored in Asian Studies at Dartmouth, so she's got some serious smarts. For a while she was pretty proficient in the Chinese language, but she'll be the first to admit that she's lost most of it since college. In her own words, “Let's put it this way: these days, my singing is better than my Chinese.” How can you not love this woman?

2. Her full name is Constance Elaine Womack and she is literally the only person I can think of who could pull off a full-scale old lady name to that extent. (Britton was the last name of her husband John, to whom she was married from 1991-1995, and she retained it as a stage name.)

3. She was once roommates with Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls!), another member of the Underrated Crushable Celebrity Moms Club.

4. She has a fraternal twin sister named Cynthia. A twin! So there's two of her! I know science. Let's find her and harvest her hair!

5. She lives beneath the D on the Hollywood sign. Instant street cred.

6. It was down to her and Renee Zellweger for the role of Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire. I'm sure it was disappointing to miss out on at the time, but when was the last time anybody saw Renee around…?

7. Even though she's not married or currently in a relationship (not one I know about, anyway!), Connie wanted to be a mom strongly enough that she decided to adopt. She has one son, Eyob, whom she adopted from Ethiopia in 2011.

And if those aren't compelling enough reasons for you, just go back to marveling at her hair some more. It's what the rest of us spend our Wednesday afternoons doing.

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