Congrats On Your Pregnancy, True Blood’s Anna Paquin And Stephen Moyer…Now Please Keep It Off The Show

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All that sexy vampire sex done made Anna Paquin pregnant! As it turns out, Vampire Bill (a.k.a. Stephen Moyer) is not actually barren in real life, and he “Oh Sookied” his way right into Anna's womb to create a terrifying vampire-fairy hybrid. I mean a human baby. (Sorry, I have trouble separating these two from their characters.)

Although Moyer has two kids from a previous marriage, this will be their first child together. (And Paquin's first, period.) While I extend my congrats to the happy couple, I must also ask one thing: please, please, please keep this pregnancy in the realm of the real world, where it belongs. True Blood's viewers have enough dumb plot lines to contend with already without some sort of Twilight vampire baby situation on our hands. Ew. And can you imagine how annoying pregnant Sookie would be?

This shouldn't be hard to accomplish, as the show likes to take a million years off in between seasons. They're all done shooting the next one (which begins June 10th!), which should give Paquin at least two years to incubate that child and then get her tiny, sundress-clad, Sookie body back. And for those worried there won't be enough dumb plot lines without a horrid fairy-vampire baby…have you seen this show? I'm sure this coming season will hold something even more ridiculous than the meth-panthers.

(Via EW)