Open Thread: Which Movies Are So Confusing They Make Your Brain Hurt?

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For today's open thread, I want to know which movies you've seen that made your brain hurt afterward. That doesn't even necessarily mean that you didn't like the movie, just that it made you feel like it was using your smarts like a punching bag and you couldn't get away.

For example, it could be some garbage pile like Lucy, that just made so little sense and had so many plot holes that if you look directly at it, the entire story line would collapse. Or maybe something like Mementowhere every thirty seconds you find yourself picking up the remote to pause and turning to the person next to you going, “Are we supposed to understand this yet??”

Or it could be a critically-acclaimed movie like Inceptionwhich I was pretty confident I understood until the moment I left the theater. As long as I didn't think too hard about it, all the details were carefully organized inside my head, but it was such a delicate house of cards that as soon as I tried to explain it to someone who didn't see it, I was just shouting “OUR WHOLE LIFE IS A DREAM PROBABLY, OR I DON'T KNOW KICK MY CHAIR OVER AND SEE IF THE TOP IS SPINNING.”

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Or it could even be a movie that was completely perfect except for one little error that's going to bother you for the rest of your days, just like the mistake in Harry Potter that will consume me until my death. Make sense? What do you have to add?