Conan Improves The Budweiser Horse Commercial By Making It More Realistic

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If you liked that tearjerking Budweiser Superbowl commercial where the man and the horse were friends, then you'll love this! Last night, Conan O'Brien made that commercial even better by making it more realistic in not just one, but two ways.

Conan's first version is much like the original, only when he sells his clydesdale buddy, he does not join Budweiser's group of novelty horses to march in parades and deliver symbolic amounts of beer to important people. He goes straight to where most horses go in their last days: the glue factory. Bummer! This is funny because it's dark, but also because it's true; we might not slaughter horses in America, but that doesn't stop a bunch of horses from being shipped each year to Canada and Mexico, where they quickly become dog food and gelatin. (Which, coincidentally, go great with a tall, cold, Budweiser beer.)

The next spot sees the man about to be reunited with his friend, until the Chicago police department's “runaway clydesdale division” shoots the horse a hundred times. This is also funny (or not funny, depending how good a person you are) because it's true; the Chicago police department is infamous for police brutality, and not only towards horses. The horse is lucky he wasn't black or they probably would have shot him two hundred times!

In conclusion, Conan is a ginger genius and I would like to bare his flame-haired progeny.

And here's the original, in case you missed it:

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