Last Night Conan Gave Us Puppy Versions Of Celebrities, Because He Knows What The People Want

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Conan puppy Justin Bieber 2014

Something very important is happening this weekend that we've anxiously waited an entire year for. We've placed our bets on who the winners will be, we've prepared the snacks we're going to eat, we've invited people over to share in the fun. I'm of course talking about the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Oh sorry, did you think I was talking about the Super Bowl? I guess that could have been a little misleading. It's just that Super Bowl Sunday for me translates to seeing adorable puppies frolicking around a miniature football field for hours. Clearly Conan O'Brien knows how important this is, because last night he had his third annual Puppy Conan episode.

The concept of Puppy Conan is quite simple. Conan sets up a tiny version of his set and puts wigs on two puppies to make them look like him and Andy Richter, and then a few more puppies come out dressed as celebrities. This year Conan welcomed everyone from Puppy Pharrell to Puppy Phil Robertson to Puppy Rob Ford to Puppy Justin Bieber. And don't you worry, Puppy Justin Bieber comes out in a tiny sportscar with a puppy entourage, because Conan O'Brien knows what he's doing. He found the only way to make Justin Bieber a likeable human being — by making him not a human being at all, but rather a sweet little puppy dog.

This is what makes Conan's show so great. He knows what the people want and he gives it to them. We demand to see a baby animal wearing Pharrell's oversized Grammys hat, and Conan will oblige. As much as it sucks that he lost that Tonight Show gig, it's things like these that make me think it all ended up for the best. There's no selling out for Conan. He does whatever he wants, including staging a whole talk show around puppies in funny outfits. Amen and bless Conan.