Video: Sarah Silverman Helps Conan O’Brien Teach A Baby The Word ‘Vagina’

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Anyone who's ever been immature has doubtlessly played some version of the “penis” game, wherein you compete to see who can shout “penis!” the loudest before chickening out. Well, Sarah Silverman recently repped the ladies on this front by making Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter both say, as well as sing, the word “vagina” out clear as a bell. Clinical, celebratory, wonderful, “vagina.” Was that so hard? (She baited him by calling him an Irish prude, ‘natch.)

That would've been an amusing little clip on its own, but it got ten times better last night when Conan showed a video sent in by a viewer of his/her small child watching the show. Apparently, the kid is in that phase of learning to talk where they repeat any words that are said and/or sung to them, and the “vagina” appealed to him greatly. How much fun is that? Personally, if I were that kid's mom, I would bring him around to parties just so my friends and I could laugh and laugh at his love of saying the word “vagina.” Motherhood is truly beautiful.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)