Conan O’Brien Couldn’t Have Responded To His New Illegitimate Son Any More Perfectly

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Conan having lunch lil doms Los Angeles

In case you needed another reason to hate Justin Bieber, let me give it to you. While we all invested our energy yesterday into watching his cocaine ‘n eggs drama go down, we totally missed out on Conan O'Brien's family drama. Or I should say alleged family drama. Early this week, a man named Greg Keating came forward claiming to be Conan's son. And while you might dismiss his claims at first as crazy, watch this video and prepare to have your mind blown by the resemblance. From the red hair to the way the red hair is blown out to the way he delivers his jokes, I wouldn't shocked if these allegations turned out to be true. But I also wouldn't be shocked if this turned out to be yet another internet hoax. Side note: way to ruin my innocence FOREVER Jimmy Kimmel.

Hoax or not, Conan's not admitting that Greg Keating's his son. At least not yet. Yesterday he took to Twitter to dispel claims that they're related. And because he's Conan, he did it hilariously.

Do you get it? Or do you want me to explain it to you? You know what, I'll go ahead and explain it anyways. Just in case you think you get it and it's one of those times where you totally don't. Young Ronan Farrow, who also made headlines this week for an awesome tweet, doesn't know if his father's Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra. It's one of those fun Hollywood mysteries that we all like to speculate about by staring at photos of all three of them and saying, “oh, but that jawline!”

In fact, I'm sure biological father enthusiasts around the country are already playing the “oh, but that jawline” game with Conan O'Brien and Greg Keating. And that's kinda all we got to work with until Conan takes a DNA test or Greg admits that this is an elaborate stunt to get Internet famous. And if it's the latter instead of the former, damn you Internet!

(Photo: Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith, PacificCoastNews.com)