Video: Blink And You’ll Miss Conan O’Brien’s One-Second Cameo On How I Met Your Mother

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Go BuzzFeed for spotting Conan O'Brien playing an anonymous MacLaren's customer on last night's How I Met Your Mother! As he promised, his time on the show — which he paid $3,000 for — came and went without any viewers noticing. Well, except for the person who uploaded this video to YouTube in record time.

After Conan outbid himself at a celebrity auction nine months ago, he joked with Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, “The creators were saying, ‘We're gonna write you in as a character,' and I said, ‘No, I think it's much funnier if I'm just in the bar in the background!'” And he got his wish: Even Conan's famous hair is barely recognizable as the TV host, wearing a leather jacket, watches NPH's character Barney go running out of MacLaren's in search of Marshall and Lily's sex tape.