17 Ridiculous Competition Reality Shows of the 2000s You Totally Forgot About

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While the 2000s may have created some questionable fashion and pop culture choices, it did give us a whole load of top quality reality TV shows. Some of these iconic series are still on the air: The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, and Survivor have all been on the air since the early Noughties. However, not every reality TV program has been as successful as these huge hits. The 2000s also gave us a ton of frankly diabolical shows that didn't make it past one or two seasons.

Some failed because they were just too niche: how many people are really going to watch a surfing competition, after all? Others just couldn't match the brilliance of rival shows like American Idol. However, they’re all worth remembering just for a little while, even if it’s just to laugh about how awful they were. Here are a selection of the 2000s reality shows that you’ve definitely forgotten about – for better or worse.