The Epic New Community Trailer Makes Me Hope This Time It Actually Airs

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Please don't let this Community trailer previewing this Thursday's season four premiere be too good to be true. I can't take another disappointment, NBC! I'm still recovering from the end of 30 Rock!

Community has been one of my favorite shows on television since season one, and I'm sad to see it continue to get the short end of the stick from NBC. It has struggled to stay on the air despite critical success and a devoted fan following. The ultimate slap in the face was when NBC teased a Community season four premiere on October 19th of last year, but then decided it would delay the premiere indefinitely to promote the newer shows on the network. The Community cast, who are always clever and devoted to their show (Chevy Chase excluded), put out a funny video on their original premiere date commenting on the switch. It was finally announced that February 7th would be the new premiere date, but I've been worried it's too good to be true ever since. Don't even get me started on the ousting of Dan Harmon or Chevy Chase's controversy.

Now this new two-minute trailer for the new season is making me simultaneously excited and worried. I'm excited because it promises the wacky, meta humor we've come to expect from the series: the Dean starting the Hunger Dean competition, Annie crawling around like the girl from The Ring, Inspector Spacetime! So much to look forward to!

But then I'm worried that it's all too good to be true and NBC will either delay the premiere again or cancel it halfway through the season without a proper goodbye. The fact that Arrested Development is now having a comeback season should be proof that smart, original, critically lauded comedies with cult followings deserve to be given a chance!

Until Thursday, we can watch and rewatch the above trailer and imagine six seasons and a movie becoming a reality. That's not too much to ask, is it?

(via Vulture)