Video: Troy And Abed Give An Amazingly Meta Explanation For Why Community Isn’t Airing On October 19th

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Today is a sad day. NBC was supposed to premiere the fourth season of Community, but a few weeks ago the network announced that it was moving the troubled show out of its intended October 19th premiere… but they didn't yet know when it would be coming back. NBC did the same thing with Whitney, so at least fans had the comfort that both shows would return together. Then yesterday we found out that the network had canceled Animal Practice and would be replacing it with Whitney in a few weeks. No word on if Community would join its sister show in the mid-week slot.

So we reach October 19th, and everyone is understandably subdued. But bless the folks at Community, who made a special video for the fans explaining the situation. See, Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) have a morning show to maintain, and when The Powers That Be yank them around, they're not happy. We can count on Community to be terrifically, wittily meta, and this little snippet of brilliance was no exception. This was my favorite exchange:

Pierce: What “powers that be”? It's just the two of you pretending to have a show.

Troy: Ehh, sometimes it feels that way.

Abed: Hard truth.

Right on the mark without being too obvious or obnoxious. (And note how Chevy Chase cooperated to shoot this video!) And did you catch their gentle dig at their fans? Suffice to say, I'm feeling pretty “October 19th” here at my desk, and look forward to the actual day when Community season 4 returns.

[via Jezebel]