Canada Will Probably Get New Community Episodes Before We Do [Updated]

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Update: OK, we've finally got a season 4 release date! February 7, 2013! The show will return to Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST, replacing 30 Rock once that show wraps its 13-episode season. New life springing out of old. Very poetic.

For some reason, Canada isn't all wrapped up in the same bullshit that has NBC delaying the premiere of Community season 4 in the U.S. That means that even though we still don't have a premiere date — or, rather, we have to keep thinking of “October 19th” as a state of mind — new episodes will probably air for our neighbors up north before we get to see them.

CityTV's website announced that new episodes will return on January 11, 2013. Seeing as we get Girls season 2 and the Golden Globes on the 13th, we shouldn't complain too much. Plus, there is that nifty thing called the internet that we can use to stream the episodes. Still, it's not the same as watching them on our TVs.

However, there's a small comfort to distract us. The other day Alison Brie tweeted a link to The Community Horror Picture Show, an interactive/choose-your-own-adventure video where you get to attend like five different Halloween parties with the Greendale crew. You can then play through the version you chose, or create a new one to share with friends. It's really smart, and just the kind of thing we'd expect from these creative folks. From urban legends to Christian cautionary tales to zombies to impromptu kisses, it's a spooky good time.

And anyway, we made it through when Degrassi used to air up north weeks before it did down here. It may even be that people patiently wait for the show to actually come to U.S. airwaves. …Nah, not holding my breath on that one.

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