Community Creator Dan Harmon Calls Out Chevy Chase On Twitter For Being A Dick

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First off, Community is officially coming back March 15th! Creator Dan Harmon just tweeted the fantastic news:

What you call 8:00, we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15th.

But that's not the only reveal he's given us over Twitter lately. Yesterday, Harmon oh-so-casually tweeted about how working with star Chevy Chase for the past three years has been a pretty wretched experience:

Dad took my side at the wrap party in an argument with a gaffer about whether Chevy is a dick! #AtonementWithTheFather

@cirquelar He may be a funny dick but if he fell down a manhole tomorrow nobody would cry and TV would be fine.

One thing's for sure, our editors deserve Emmys in categories that don't even exist.

It seems to be common knowledge that Chevy Chase is hard to work with, from his time on Saturday Night Live in the mid-1970s to joking anecdotes from his Community co-stars. But it's difficult to tell how much is good-natured ribbing and what are the actual complaints. Take this video from the Paley Center's Community panel in 2010: Harmon, Joel McHale, and others joke about Chevy harassing them in that uncomfortable way that you call out a nasty frenemy without actually saying anything damaging.

Consider, after all, that Chevy would say things in Harmon's earshot like “I wonder what it's like to be fat and gay,” yet everyone claims that this was funny. (Harmon even said he texted his girlfriend the first time Chevy went after him.) Judge for yourselves:

But then again, maybe he just feels left out. Joining the Community cast in 2009 acted as a resurgence of his career, but the role was also very true to life: His character Pierce is cut off from the younger students at Greendale Community College, just as Chevy joked in this Ain't It Cool News interview about not feeling as connected to his castmates because they had iPads and he had barely mastered texting.

Here's another Paley video where he seems to be acting like a jerk, after he falls out of his chair and everyone has a joke to crack. But having seen the other video with its passive-aggressive teasing, would you be surprised if the others had some schadenfreude for the moment?

Regardless, Harmon, McHale, and everyone else can look forward to at least another season of working with Chevy. Good news for us!