Can The Community Cast’s Adorable Friendship Save The Show?

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NBC‘s constantly creative comedy Community (alliteration, oooh) returns tonight for its long-awaited season four premiere. Ever since I saw the recent epic trailer for the new season, I've been hoping that it isn't too good to be true and that it will actually air this time around. Now that stars Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs are talking about the cast's on- and off-set friendship, I really, really hope this show lasts.

When Television Without Pity asks if it was difficult getting back into a normal routine for the new season, Alison responds:

“Once you get all of us into a room, it's pretty much the same. It just takes a couple seconds. For us as a group, our dynamic hasn't really changed. We feel like we have these other brothers and sisters now. Day in and day out, Season 4 was still long hours and it was still weird and it was still Community.”

There are few things I like more than finding out that the cast of one of my favorite TV shows or movies actually get along and like each other. I've been disillusioned before upon learning of on-set feuds and the like, so it's nice when the friendships you see onscreen aren't all make-believe.

When asked if they hang out together off-set, Alison says it can be hard to make it happen, but they try, and Gillian adds:

“We do get some good email chains and mass group texts going. I think that it's always strange for us to not be shooting, because you sort of mark the time of the year by the season of Community. Like, we'd normally be shooting right now. I drove by the Paramount lot yesterday and it felt pretty weird to be driving by and not pulling inside to go to set.”

Can someone please arrange for these email and text conversations to be made public? I would greatly appreciate it.

While Alison and Gillian are the first ones to admit that even they're constantly “in the dark” about the show's fate (“We're the Mole People of television,” says Alison), I really hope the cast's friendship, and its evidence onscreen, is enough to keep this show going. It's great to know that a cast can be just as supportive of its show surviving as its fans are, instead of just being resigned to the fact that they might not make it and falling back on their movie careers or something.

Speaking of the cast's other ventures, Alison and Gillian both watched co-star Donald Glover's Girls sex scene, with very different reactions. Gillian closed her eyes, but Alison says, “I didn't. I rewound it and watched it like, three times.”

If that's not friendship, I don't know what is.

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