Comments Roundup: The People of ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ Talk to Crushable

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Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it has become ridiculously easy for celebrities– and those close to them– to connect with their fans. Case in point: We've recently realized here at Crushable HQ that we've somehow managed to attract a lot of attention from the parties involved in both 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Our immediate reaction? Neat-o! Naturally, in our recaps and other posts, we can only comment on what we see, so it's fascinating to be able to get insiders' perspectives. Of course, it's rather easy to pose as someone else in the great wilderness that is the web, so it's possible that not all of them are the genuine article; but even so, they're worth a look. Curious about what sorts of comments we've gotten, and from who? In honor of Tuesday's upcoming 16 and Pregnant season finale, we've rounded them all up for you here. Take a peek and let us know what you think!

Nick wrote in this week about a date he went on with Taylor Lumas:

“I went on a double date with her a month ago, she never told me she had a baby not that she had to but i’ve been texting her still up until 5 days ago. she keeps saying she’s still with her boyfriend yet she was texting me. i’m not the kind of dude who would tell people around town because rumors spread fast around cincinnati but really obviously she’s a airhead. I mean what kind of idiot says the don’t believe in adoption.”

In response to Kianna Randall's episode, Zak Hegab's sister Aisha sent us the following:

“With all due respect, if you are going to call them facts, at least get them straight. First of all, our father wasn’t around when Zak was growing up. His reasoning in wanting to keep the baby is because he WANTS to be a better father than ours was. Zak AND Kianna brought this baby into the world, and he wants to be a responsible father that is present in their child’s life. Matter of fact, he clearly states that’s the reason- not because he isn’t capable of “emotional maturity”. If that were the case, do honestly think he would have said that? Zak would do anything for his son, no matter how much he had to work, how much effort it took, or how tired he would be- hence the reference to our mother, and how she did it. We didn’t live in the Taj Mahaal, but the three of us love our mother more than words can say. And we have had every opportunity imagineable. We went to a state recognized school district (and have stayed in that school district to this day), traveled (in and out of the country), participated in school events (band, sports, etc.), and much more. Being a parent isn’t easy, single or with someone, but it is doable. And I guarantee you Zak is going to be an amazing father, regardless of his age. I know many mature adults, you pale in comparison to my brother as a dad. Of course it would be easier to give the baby up for adoption, but life isn’t easy, and you can’t always opt out of a situation. He has a family that loves and supports him. And Kay’Den hasn’t been in need for one single, soliarty thing since the day he was born, or conceived, if you want to be technical. Secondly, there is no gender preference. Stating “my son” is a way of personalizing the FACT that they are/were going to have a boy. I’ve never met anyone who, after finding out the gender, refers to the baby in a universal manner (with respect to the sex). Zak would have loved the baby just as much if it had been a baby girl. Next, Kianna was admitted to the hospital on Friday, and Kay’Den was born the following Monday. Zak stayed there the entire time, and never left the hospital. I delivered food to them personally. And lastly, the only reason why Kianna felt like she was doing everything by herself, unless it was on the weekends, was because she never brought the baby over for the original schedule, which was alternating weeks. Nevermind the fact that Zak would go over there, ALL OF THE TIME, after he got out of class, and to this day still does.”

We haven't been able to verify this one, but Cleondra Carter's older sister Zerica may have posted this:

“you’re facts are wrong. if you want to know the truth, follow me on twitter @ZeMonroe”

A bunch of readers formed up Team Amber when we introduced you all to Amber Scaggs, Corey Simm's short-lived girlfriend (after Jordan Humble and his divorce from teen mom Leah Messer):

Mariah: “this shit is definitely not true. Amber is one of my best friends and Amber and Cory are not dating and she didn’t fly in to WV just to see him. Her and her ex didn’t break up before her daughter was born. Her and Cory are friends and hung out. BFD.”

Casey: “Shut amber is not like that, she is a good person and how do you even know honey dear! i know amber and is def. NOT a horriable mother! GET A LIFE AND LEAVE AMBER ALONE!”

Kam: “Y’all are all retarded. I’ve known amber for a good while now and she use to live in wv. Therefor having family!!!”

Chelsea Houska herself actually tweeted in response to our comment about her love of leopard-printed things:

And finally (this one is my personal favorite), Chelsea's dad Randy Houska invited Lilit to swing by to play with Chelsea's dog the next time she's in the neighborhood:

“I don’t think he will, Lilit. But you can come visit Pixie anytime you are in South Dakota.”