16 Tattoos Every Comic Book Nerd Will Want For Themselves

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Marvel Entertainment

Many would assume that the last thing a comic book nerd would have is a huge tattoo. Think again. They oftentimes have some of the best ones out there. It doesn't matter whether you're are a DC or Marvel fan (and let's face it, the rivalry is REAL right now), there's a piece of ink that'll always deliver. Portraits of movie portrayals, cute re-imaginations, and even couple/BFF tattoos — there's something out there for everyone's aesthetic.

We've scoured through the corners of the web to find the absolute best ones. Now, take a look and fair warning, you just might be inspired to get your own. We're sure thinking about it right about now. Who knows, you might be walking away with dreams of a full sleeve after seein' some of these beauties.