16 Shows About College to Help You Get Through the Fall Semester

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Whether you're a freshman filled with anxiety about spending the next four years with a bunch of strangers or a senior finishing up your last few credits before venturing into the real world, this semester‘s just begun and it's about time you kick it into full gear so you can make sure you go back home for winter break feeling accomplished. (Yes, we're already looking forward to winter break, too, don't worry.) While you can make sure to make the most of this semester by finally buying those textbooks you've been wondering if you “actually need,” entering through the doors of that daunting library for the first time or picking out some new study-chic outfits, more likely, you'll chilling on the couch for as long as possible procrastinating that U.S. history essay assigned on the first day of class (*ugh*).

In anticipation of the mid-terms, roommate drama and fun frat parties to come, there's plenty of college-themed TV for you to enjoy. Read on for the best TV shows about life on campus.