Colin Farrell Had No Problem Doing That Sex Tape, But Kissing Kate Beckinsale Was Really Awkward

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In recent years, I've come to regard Colin Farrell as having transitioned from out-of-control bad boy to fairly charming and even someone you'd root for in movies. You get that sense with this interview he did on Conan last night, where he sweetly confesses that his makeout scenes with Kate Beckinsale in Total Recall were totally awkward. You know, because the director was her husband Len Wiseman.

Kate and Len have worked together on all of the Underworld movies, so clearly the two of them don't mind him being in the room when Kate is faking it for the cameras. But their blase attitude doesn't always translate to co-stars: Back in 2006, Scott Speedman confessed to similar awkwardness when his character and Kate's finally consummated their vampire/werewolf love in a steamy sex scene.

As Colin explained to Conan O'Brien, having Len sizing up the love scene definitely made him self-conscious: “Which was moderately uncomfortable—not beating her up, because you don't actually beat each other up, but kissing was a little dodgy. Because her husband wasn't kind enough to leave the room; he stayed. It's a bit creepy…”

“He's there, like, ‘Do it again!'” Conan joked, but Colin explained that there were some limits. He clarified, “The one thing he didn't say was, ‘Colin, I think you should give it a little more.'” You can tell how bashful Colin is about the weird situation, but apparently that awkwardness translated to this interview, because he had a hilarious little slip-up. When Conan joked that Len could've taken things further and told the camera to pull back, Colin misunderstood and ended up sharing a rather personal tidbit: “No, not pull it back! I'm—I'm Irish, I'm not cir…” When Conan made a motion for him to stop and Colin realized he had completely missed the point, he nearly giggled and just said, “Carry on.”

I love that Colin Farrell's first thought goes to sex. And since I never saw the sex tape in question, now I still feel in-the-know.

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