Colin Egglesfield was on The Gilmore Girls

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As I'm sure you all know, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was recently “let go” from Melrose Place, resulting in somewhat of a media maelstrom. However, fellow castmate Colin Egglesfield, who plays Auggie, was also let go, but not much is being said about his departure.

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This came to mind as I was watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls on ABC Family the other night and saw him on a classic episode. I was like, WHOA, familiar face!

If any of you are fellow GG fans, you might remember him as the cute boy who was scoping out Rory when she and Paris went to Florida on Spring Break. He didn't really seem interested in her until she and Paris smooched. Ah, what a dog!

This just got me to thinking about him and his role on Melrose Place. He was memorable on GG, but I guess it just didn't translate to the CW show.

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