Watch Ex-Disney Star Cole Sprouse Realize That We’ve Found His Delightfully Nerdy Secret Tumblr

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Update: And now Cole has deleted his Tumblr… possibly because he was using it as a social experiment?

We love when child stars or children of famous folks take to social media to express themselves, because whether we grew up alongside them or remember them being apple-cheeked kids, it's fascinating to see what they're like five or ten years later. We've marveled over Maude Apatow‘s self-described addiction to Twitter, and Zelda Williams calling out those who sneer “nepotism” at Hollywood progeny. That's why I was so interested when we stumbled across Cole Sprouse‘s Tumblr.

Mostly because it's really not what I expected! We've had certain views of Dylan and Cole over the years: Tag-teaming the role of Adam Sandler‘s cute kid in Big Daddy and Ross' son on Friends; then as double-the-troublemakers on Disney's The Suite Life; and then as NYU freshmen. But this Cole (now 20) is buff, introspective, an adventurous eater, possibly a hippie, and an archaeology/anthropology/journalism/photography student. A far cry from a chubby little Disney kid, though that's not necessarily an awful thing.

But what's most fascinated me is reading Cole's posts from the past twenty-four hours. Even though he always had his Twitter clearly printed on at the top of his Tumblr, and tweeted out about this site on October 12th, it seems that only in the past day have people tracked him down. Yesterday he wrote,

Welp, looks like my account has been discovered.  Should have forseen this a while ago, no problem.

This is a picture of my yellow magical stretchy bulldog Bubba, he gets me ya know

Then he started answering some “asks” from readers. This one is my favorite:

grrrl-fight asked: your letting your hair grow out gr8 u macho man 4 real now lik u dnt understnd excitmnt joy butt srsly take off your pants let da peopl c sum underpnts


If youre going to speak in the language of the old ones, at least do it properly.  (AHEM)  Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

It warms my heart to see that Cole is a geek, or at least a Cthulu fan. He also showed that he doesn't take the sudden invasion of privacy — as much privacy as you can have on the internet, of course — too hard:

Loving your reblogs and messages guys, in the same way I love a nursery filled with kids who defecate on themselves 😉

The above photo comes from a silly face where he responds to his Tumblr dashboard. But Cole also got serious. Two hours ago, he penned a post about his celebrity status:

I was asked my opinion on fame.  A good question, and one I’m sure you guys are interested in, so I’ll sketch out the details.  Fame and infamy are both recognition.  Recognition of something, an idea, a person, a place, a thing, serves a purpose to humans, whether we know it or not.

By sharing a memory with someone, in this case I’ll use the MS paint adventure Homestuck, you include yourself into a group.  Two groups are created through the idea of Homestuck, the group of people who like the game, and those who don’t.  What Homestuck does, through this mechanism, is create cohesion, agency among people, grouping them together, allowing them to get along with eachother but also disagree with the opposing side.

This force, the creation of agency among humans, is the most powerful in the symbolic world.  It breathes love and hate into people.  Fame and infamy (recognition to be more encompassing) is the most powerful thing in the human realm of existence and will inevitably be the thing that undoes us as Hominids, or brings us together to end global strife.  Whether you hate me or love me, what I serve to do as a symbol of culture is bring you together.  And so you can call me whatever you want, as long as it brings you closer to other people, than I have succeeded.

in other words………Haters gonna hate.  🙂

Bravo, Cole. You sound like kind of a weirdo, but the best kind, the kind I'd want to get to know better regardless of whether you were on a Disney show I was too old to watch when it was on the air.

From what I can tell, Dylan Sprouse doesn't have his own Tumblr, or at least not one that's easily located. However, there is a Fuck Yes Dylan Sprouse Tumblr to keep you occupied til he too comes out of the woodwork. And in case you were worried that the twins didn't hang out anymore, here's a photo from their birthday in August:

Dylan and Cole Sprouse all grown up photos Disney Suite Life

Update: With Tumblr down, check out Cole's hilarious Instagram in the meantime!

Photos: Coleture Concept, @sprousearts