5 Facts About Cody Simpson That We Learned During Our Live Chat With Him!

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Cody Simpson Tank Top

Yesterday, we had the chance to chat live with Cody Simpson and a ton of his fans on our Facebook page. Any and all questions were fair game and if you didn't get the chance to ask Cody anything, then don't feel so bad because guess what we've got for you. Okay, I'll just tell you.

We've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite responses of his, even though it was sort of hard since he's so charming and all. But, without further ado, here are the best things we learned about Cody during our live chat!

1. He gives fantastic advice.

Cody Simpson Pretty Brown Eyes Video


When one of his fans asked what he'd suggest to a person who was being bullied, Cody so wisely told them not to keep it to themselves and to tell someone what's going on so they can get help. Way to go to him for really taking the chance to share useful and important advice to people who look up to him. And he even finished it with a “you're awesome!” Aww!

2. He's got a lot of proms to go to. 

Cody Simpson Smiling With Fans


As well as Valentines to buy conversation heart candies for. Because he got quite a few promposals and Valentine offers from his Angels, all of which he accepted.

3. He was almost an Olympian.



I'm so excited by this because it's like what can't he do? Sing, dance, play multiple instruments, and swim on a near-Olympic level?! I know that last one because a fan asked, if he wasn't involved in music, what he'd be doing and he said, “perhaps swim, I was training to go to the Olympics.” Goodness.

4. He's a romantic.

Cody Simpson Laying Down


One of Cody's fans asked him what his ideal date would be and he responded that his perfect date would include “taking a girl to the beach.” Toss in some candles for mood lighting and a dinner overlooking said beach and you've got a full-on rom-com movie scene come to life. So sweet!

5. 2014 is going to be insane for him.

Cody Simpson Talking


I don't know how he'll manage to sleep this coming year, because, on top of being in the studio for months to come, he's also got a secret “special announcement” that he'll be sharing with his fans soon. Any idea what it is?

And here's a parting gift aka an excuse to listen to Cody on repeat for a little while. Below is his new music video for Cody's and Ziggy Marley's duet, “Love.”