I Hope Cody Simpson’s Prom Auction Marks The End Of This Annoying Trend

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Cody Simpson Prom Auction HuffPost Live March 25 2013

This “celebrities going to normal people's school dances” trend is getting a little old. And by “a little old” I mean very, very old.

This time the celebrity in question isn't even the victim of viral YouTube invites. 16-year-old Australian pop singer and author (?!) Cody Simpson was on HuffPost Live yesterday, and during the interview someone in his entourage came up to him and asked for his okay to announce a charity prom auction. Great way to put him on the spot! Cody admitted that this was the first he'd heard of it, and of course he said it would be fine. Because what else is he going to say?

It's time to stop the school dance with celebs trend. Right now. It's not cute anymore. Every day someone new is posting a smug video on YouTube explaining why their favorite celebrity should take them to homecoming or prom or midsummer formal or whatever fancy dances the kids have to rent limos for these days. And then inevitably a morning show will pick up the story and invite the student to talk to them through video chat and nervously explain, “She would totally have fun if she went to the prom with me. There'll be a chocolate fountain and lots of pervy teenage boys to ogle her. It'll be awesome!” And then the morning show will get the celebrity on the phone, probably under false pretenses, and put them on the spot to answer.

Or at least that's what happened when Kate Upton told a teenage boy she would check her schedule and maybe go to his prom with him. And then of course after a couple of days of polite waiting schedule-checking, she said she was busy. And you know what? I may not agree with Kate Upton's decision to pose half-naked in the snow, but I agree with her decision not to set a precedent by going to one teenage boy's prom. Because once you give them an inch, they take a mile. Just look at what happened to Mila Kunis.

One minute she's showing everybody how cool she is by going to the Marine Corps Ball with a fan, and the next minute everyone wants her to repeat the favor for them, including a college student who lives on a rock. Okay, she might not live on the rock, but she was sitting on one when she asked.

This is just another reason I'm glad I'm not a celebrity. It's right above getting photographed chewing with my mouth open and right below having to laugh at Jay Leno's jokes.

(Image: Huffington Post)