19 Reasons We All Can’t Wait to See Disney’s Coco

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Put that Frozen DVD on pause for a second because there is a new Disney movie that you're going to want to know about. In case you have somehow missed the brightly colored previews with the fun skeletons, Disney Pixar is dropping Coco. And it looks good. Really good.

Watch the trailer here!

Okay, now that we've all seen that killer trailer, let's talk about it. The film is about Miguel, a boy who wants to be a musician but his family is less than keen. With a bit of Disney magic, Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead where he goes on an adventure to learn about his family, music, love and the afterlife. Intrigued? You should be.

The movie comes out October 27, 2017, in Mexico, but we'll have to wait a little bit longer because it's not released in the USA until November 22, 2017. That might be after Halloween and the Day of the Dead, but Thanksgiving is still a great time to watch it. (We'll see you there!)