Coachella Week Two: Now With Double the D-List Flavor!

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Well, Coachella just wrapped up its second and final weekend, but it seems like someone may have forgotten to tell the A-List celebrities that the festival went on for two weeks this year.

Translation: congratulations, D-List celebs, here comes your moment in the sun! I hope you remembered to pack your see-through dresses and hipster facial scruff! (Preferably not on the same person, but we're open-minded.)

Aside from some standards like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Joe Jonas, Week Two of Coachella settled for some distinctly un-famous faces. The festival was awash in what I'll term “pseudo-lebrities”.

Definition: are you related to a celebrity? Even distantly? Or are you attractive and standing next to one? Photographers at Coachella Week Two will take a picture of you and sprinkle it liberally on the internet in absence of photos of actual famous people.

So scroll through our gallery and play a game with yourself called “Where Haven't I Seen You Before?”.