Former Co-Star Couples Who Should Totally Get Back Together

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Dating a co-worker is almost always bad idea just simply in case things go horribly wrong and you're forced to continue working together. It makes things super awkward for everyone around. But once again, proving celebrities are just like us, hormones and romance always win. When you're spending most of your day with the same people, one of them will start to look realll good, if you know what I mean. This is how so many actor co-stars start dating each other, but even more end up breaking up breaking all of our hearts (and usually ruining the show they're on — ahem, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush).

As devoted fans of these shows and movies, this is not cool. Yes, we understand that these actors are real people and not just the characters they play. And we know that people grow, change, want different things, grow apart, etc. But it's just so fun when actors from your favorite shows make it work in real life. I mean, look at Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, they played an on and off again BF/GF for years on That '70s Show and now they're married with two children. See? That is what I like.