The 10 CMA Award Nominees You Should Know Besides Taylor Swift

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In honor of the CMA Awards, which are fast approaching, I decided to do some research.  I was always curious about what “CMA” stood for exactly, but never bothered to look it up until now. I knew it couldn't be short for Country Music Awards, because then calling the CMA Awards the CMA Awards would just be redundant. Turns out that CMA is short for Country Music Association, and apparently everyone else in the world besides me knew that already. Oh well. At least I now have peace of mind in knowing for certain that the CMA Awards is not short for the Country Music Awards Awards.

I also looked up this year's award nominees, and despite the obvious Taylor Swift (who's number one in everything) I was amazed to see album names and song titles such as tailgates and tanlines, and “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”  jump out at me. As I perused the list, I wondered how is it that I've never heard of these seemingly amazing additions to the music world? I didn't think country music would ever be able to top “Achy Breaky Heart,” but obviously I was so wrong.

I may not be the biggest country music fan, but I definitely want to be familiar with the artist (or artists?) responsible for the likes of “Red Solo Cup,” don't you? Of course you do. Which is why I'm bringing you The 10 CMA Award Nominees You Should Know That Aren't Taylor Swift. Now you'll be able to keep a straight face when you say to your friends, “What, you've never heard of these guys? Where have you been?”

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