As If! The Clueless Musical Will Be A Jukebox Musical Of ’90s Classics

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Did you know that they're making a Clueless musical?! Because it's news to us, and just that sentence alone is the most fantastic news we've heard in days. It turns out that this has been in the works since at least 2009, when the guy who adapted Saved! into a musical — another one we missed out on! — tried his hand at Amy Heckerling‘s classic '90s comedy.

As you might've guessed, the project floundered for a few years, but it came up again in Heckerling's latest interview with Vulture about her new movie Vamps. While this dark comedy reunited Heckerling with Alicia Silverstone, she didn't necessarily have plans to bring the original Cher Horowitz to the Broadway stage. She also reassured us that they wouldn't be trying to transplant the characters into the '00s:

You're working on a Clueless musical. Would it be updated to modern times? Would you make room for an Alicia cameo?
That would be a blast to have her in it. But I'm not updating it—it's fun to keep it in that time period. I'm working with Kristin Hanggi, who directed Rock of Ages. I want it to be a jukebox musical.

You've got to keep “Rollin' With My Homies”!
Or something with hand movements, right? There's a lot of songs that could work there, like “Fantastic Voyage,” with its “slide, slide, slippity slide.” A lot of things that could lead to you getting conked. We used “Kids in America” in Clueless, but it was one of the songs I was considering for Fast Times, before I knew if I could get the Go-Gos.

It makes a lot of sense that Heckerling would defend keeping the story in the '90s, since earlier in the interview she rants about how you shouldn't judge a person for having an AOL e-mail address. Anyway, it'd be redundant to try and translate Clueless to modern-day, since that's basically Mean Girls. (And yes, there's a musical version of that in the works, too.)

We're so psyched to learn that we can keep listening to our Clueless soundtracks — on CD, natch — without feeling like we'd have to embrace a whole new era of music for the stage show. After all, it's the only movie to make us associate Coolio‘s music with that excitement of first love:

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