Clive Owen and Julia Roberts at the premiere of “Duplicity”

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So, let's talk for a minute about Clive Owen. He is a fuh-ine looking piece of hot buttered beefcake, and I think we all know that, right? He's got this dirty yet elegant thuggishness thing going on that's incredibly and inextricably attractive, like you KNOW he's a bad guy, you KNOW he's probably going to embezzle something or steal something or trick somebody, but still, you can't help yourself, because COME ON. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Mmm hmmm. Yum. That's Clive (you have to say it all breathy, like “Cliiiivvveee”) at the premiere of his newest movie “Duplicity”, a spy thriller with lots of dashing derring-do. My favorite actress, Julia Roberts, also stars:

Doesn't she look lovely? I just watched “Steel Magnolias” with her this weekend, and of COURSE I bawled like a baby when they turned off the machines and Sally Field was sitting there holding Shelby's hand….oh my lord. Okay, anyway, here's a pic of them together (Clive and Julia):

The movie opens to the public on March 20 and I plan on Netflixing it ASAP. What, you thought I would spend good money to see it in the theater? Come on now. I need to ogle Clive in private, yalls!

image: bauer-griffin