Clay Aiken Blasts American Idol For Its ‘Boring’ Judges

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2015 Hollywood Christmas ParadeAmerican Idol‘s final season premiered last night and many tuned in to get their fix of singing hopefuls (one named Kanye proved to be surprisingly good) before the show is out of all our lives forever. Also tuning in was season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken who had a few things to say about the place he got his start.

Clay started the night off hopeful tweeting that he was watching the show for the first time in a decade adding “You never know what you've got til it's gone.” Though he quickly figured out why he hadn't bothered to watch in a decade. “Well… now I know why the ratings are down,” he started off. He soon realized the problem was judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. “Oh good Lord… those boring ass responses from the judges!? Where is Simon when you need him!? That guy need a hook to pull him off stage”, he tweeted outAdding that Simon Cowell “was the reason American Idol was a hit”, he got in another dig saying,”I've watched root canals more entertaining than these judges.” Ok, granted that's not the toughest criticism Jennifer Lopez has ever received (a little film named Gigli springs to mind), still pretty harsh for Clay to bash the show.

After Clay had completely bitten the hand that fed him and gave the world “Invisible”, he tweeted that he was done watching and switched over to black-ish. Seeing that his rant wasn't going over well, Clay decided to soften the blow saying it was was just tough love for a show he really cared about.


Maybe after all this time, Clay is still bitter he never got a From Justin to Kelly style movie with Ruben Studdard.  We'll never know.

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