16 Classic TV Shows That Hold Up Today

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Do you ever go back to an old TV show and it's just full of outdated references and questionable content? Yeah, it's not fun. While we pined over JTT in the '90s, watching Home Improvement as an adult is just cringe-worthy with its blatant sexism. Plenty of other shows follow in those footsteps, with plotlines that are just… not. cool. Is it just us or is Friends pretty transphobic at times?

There are, however, a few TV shows out there that hold up, despite being decades-old and filled with references older than our parents. These kinds of shows are what makes television so great. They hone in on the human experience, create stories that are ahead of their time and use general silliness as a universal comedic language. These are the shows that you watch growing up and appreciate even more as an adult. Take a look at some of our favorite golden oldies.