This GIF Of Claire Danes Photobombing Lena Dunham Is Oddly Mesmerizing

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On the slight chance that you didn't spent two hours watching Ryan Seacrest feign interest in what celebriladies were wearing at the 2013 Emmys, then you probably missed the amazing moment when Claire Danes photobombed Lena Dunham during her interview.  Yes, that Claire Danes. The incredibly graceful actress who stars in Homeland just popped right up there and took over the interview. I assure you that she looked just as confused by her decisions as everyone felt watching it at home.

One second Ryan Seacrest was up there doing his usual schitck and the next second Claire Danes was holding the microphone and acting like this is normal award show protocol. While I'm sure many celebrities secretly fantasize about pushing Ryan Seacrest off his podium, Claire Danes actually did it. Commence a Claire Danes signature cry-face full of happy tears.

And in even weirder news, Lena Dunham went with the whole interview-switch-a-roo because they're friends. I know, I know, hold back the spit take. At least until you read this incredibly dramatic transcript that E! so kindly put together. It fills you in everything you need to know about this alleged best-friendship. It's all very weird and very surprising and most of all very mesmerizing. Seriously look at Claire Danes' face in that GIF. And then try to look away and realize that you can't.