Video: The Best Of Claire Danes’ Cryface Now Immortalized In A Supercut

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Last week, I told you about The Claire Danes Cryface Project, a new tumblr dedicated to cataloging all of Claire Danes‘ finest cryfaces into picture form. Now, the helpful people at Slackatory have taken things a step farther and made a supercut.

They've got all the greatest hits: My So Called Life, Romeo and Juliet, Igby Goes Down, Law and Order, Brokedown Palace, and of course, Homeland. There are some special and rare cryfaces in there, too…did you forget that Claire Danes was in Little Women? Her cryface in that was tremendous! And in case you're wondering which movie punished Claire Danes with a ridiculous curly wig, it was Temple Grandin, a made-for-HBO movie that tells the true story of an autistic girl who grew up to be a world-renowned livestock consultant. I'm crying right now just thinking about it!

With all the good press Claire Danes' chin-trembling, forehead-knitting cryface has gotten lately, this might be the period on that chapter of the internet. But if it's not, I think next I'd really like to see some clips of Claire Danes' cryface arranged chronologically, so I can judge how she's progressed as an actress.

Complete list of titles featured:

Igby Goes Down
Little Women
My So-Called Life
Law and Order
The Family Stone
Temple Grandin
Brokedown Palace
Les Miserables
Romeo and Juliet

(Via Slackatory)