Is Claire Danes Leaving Homeland To Be A Fulltime Mom Or Some Bullhonkery?

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Homeland TV serie,  Season 1After scoring preeeetty much the best job on television, playing Carrie Mathison on the award-winning Homeland, there are rumors swirling that Claire Danes is leaving the show. And to do something STUPID like focus on being a full-time mom. Ugh, I hate it when celebrities put value on their personal lives and families instead of focusing on what's important — me.

According to the National Enquirer, Claire is “secretly planning to leave the show after next season”.

“Claire has finally discovered the one thing she loves more than acting — being a mom. Before [her son] Cyrus was born, Claire would have never thought about giving up her role on Homeland because she thought she’d be able to juggle her job with being a mom. But now she doesn’t want to leave her son.”

What a bitch, right? I can't believe this. Homeland is all I have going for me, you guys. Sure, I haven't actually found a way to watch it yet, because I don't have Showtime, so anytime anyone starts to talk about it, I have to slam my hands over my ears and hum, but I value that time! I live for the fact that one weekend one of my friends will lend me the first season on DVD and I'll waste an entire weekend being sucked into its watery, terrorist-y depths. I rely on that, Claire. Do you hear me? You can't take that away from me!

But even if this rumor is true, it sounds like it still may not happen for another season. According to this source, “when executives learned Claire might walk, they doubled her salary to $220,000 as an inducement to stay for the upcoming [third] season.” So maybe they've already had this problem before and put it behind them? And these are just money issues? But the magazine goes on to note that “despite the hefty pay raise, Claire is having regrets about signing on for another season.” And even though she knows that they're gonna be dangling an even bigger carrot in front of her for season four in the form of another tasty raise, “she’s still leaning towards leaving.” Well goddamnit, Claire.
Why did I bother coming to your soccer games for all those years if you were just gonna turn around and betray me? You ungrateful sonofagun.

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