Claire Danes And Her Family Make Some Pretty Artsy Fartsy Easter Eggs

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Claire Danes and Her Family Make Some Pretty Artsy Fartsy Easter Eggs Claire Danes Easter eggs Tonight Show 2016 jpg

Last night Claire Danes was a guest on The Tonight Show, and since Easter was this past Sunday, Jimmy Fallon asked her about her family’s traditions for the holiday. As it turns out, Claire is a fan of creating some pretty artsy fartsy Easter eggs. We’re talking way more than just pastel dye and glitter. These are the kinds of things you’d put in an art museum. Except that, of course, they’re eggs and they go bad. So Claire’s husband Hugh Dancy takes photos of the eggs and they compile them into a book, and apparently “landing the cover is a big deal.”

Claire says this tradition started when she was alone in London filming a movie, and she had to improvise with some unconventional objects to decorate her Easter eggs (brown ones, gross). So then it caught on with her friends and family, and the annual book of avant-garde eggs was born. And honestly, you guys, I kind of love them. I also kind of want to start doing this myself. The one with the egg-shaped chocolate-covered almonds and string was super trippy when I first looked at it. And the portrait of Claire’s dad that her mom made is absolutely adorable.

Claire also talks about her young son’s Easter wish to hold a little bunny in his hands. Welp, Claire failed on that front (and very likely made a cry face about it), but at least he had some avant-garde eggs to enjoy. I mean, I won’t lie, holding a bunny sounds like a lot more fun, but eggs won’t poop on you, so that’s a plus. Unless Claire’s eggs are so weird they actually do poop, in which case that’s really creepy, give me the bunny back!

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