Claire Danes Won’t Watch Anne Hathaway’s Spoof Because Of Their Friendship, And I Just Fell Asleep

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Last November Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live. It was a simpler time, before Les Miserables was released and before everyone agreed to collectively groan when she and her nipples won their Oscar. One of the most memorable sketches from that night was the Homeland parody in which Anne imitated Claire Danes' character Carrie Mathison, cryface and crazy eyes included. I only have a general knowledge of Homeland, but the great thing about the sketch was that it was still hilarious to non-fans, because we've all heard about Claire Danes' famous style of crying, right? Right?! Right. There's one person who still hasn't seen the sketch, however, and her name is Claire Danes. It's the same Claire Danes I was just talking about, by the way, in case I somehow confused you.

Claire says Anne was so nice in warning her that the parody was happening that she decided not to watch it at all.

“Well, you know, I'm friendly with Anne,” Danes told TV writers at a “Homeland” panel Monday. “I was in Toronto at the time and I got a series of texts from her saying, ‘Hi, um, so I'm hosting “SNL” and I really hope we can still be friends.' Then she sent me this big bouquet of flowers. And this is all before it aired and I was like, ‘Oh, s—.' I don't know if I want to watch this. She's way too nice about it.”

Zzzzz… What? Where am I? Oh, I'm writing a post about Claire Danes and Anne Hathaway being polite to each other and zzzzz… Whoa, sorry, I nodded off there again. It's just that these two sound like very nice people and I'm glad they're so civil to each other, but I'm just not getting any fun out of this. Either be very angry at each other and let anonymous sources describe it to me in their beautiful words, or have a laugh about it and agree that it's just a spoof and nobody meant to hurt anybody else's feelings. This middle of the road thing is just not doing it for me. And Claire admits it's “all in good fun” and she “was very flattered, really, genuinely.” SO WATCH IT. Also, if SNL cast members sent flowers to every real person they imitated there would be no flowers left in the world for Justin Bieber to hand to Selena Gomez.

Claire also says she decided to watch the video one fateful day, but her computer wouldn't let her because she was in Canada so she just gave up and decided the flowers were so nice she shouldn't watch it ever. Something about that entertains me so much that it almost makes up for the brief nap I took earlier in the post.

Anne Hathaway didn't send you flowers, so allow yourself to enjoy the sketch in question below.

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