City Of Hoboken Rejects Film Permit For JWoww And Snooki’s Jersey Shore Spinoff

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I've got some bad news for fans of The Jersey Shore's most entertaining cast members. The city of Hoboken has rejected a film permit for Snooki and JWoww‘s Jersey Shore spinoff, Don't Stop Now, You're Almost To New York. Seriously, Why Would You Want To Live In Hoboken?

In a letter posted to the city's website, mayor Dawn Zimmer wrote:

Based on protecting public safety and quality of life concerns for Hoboken residents, the city has denied a film permit for a spin-off of The Jersey Shore to be filmed in public locations.

As it turns out, you're not allowed to film in residential areas of Hoboken past 11pm, making the city a less-than-ideal location for the infamous guidettes' 24/7 hijinx. Additionally, Zimmer cited concerns over the fact that 495 Productions had previously filmed the show without proper permits, although she did not go into much detail:

Any attempts to film in a manner that is not permitted without a permit will be dealt with immediately and aggressively by the city of Hoboken.

These are all reasonable enough concerns, but I suspect they're covering up a larger issue, which is that Hoboken doesn't need that as part of its image right now. Located convenient commuting distance from the city, Hoboken has just started to draw some hip young people who are willing to forgo New York's cachet for the allure of cheap rent, lots of room, and a main commercial strip that is actually not bad (I checked out some music there the other day!), and I'm pretty sure a Snooki and JWoww show would make them run the other way to Hoboken's arch-nemesis, Jersey City. It remains to be seen whether D-Zimms will successfully pawn the show off on JC.

(Via NJ.com)