Video: Christopher Nolan’s Twilight Is A Hilarious — And Surprisingly Watchable — Mash-Up

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With Twilight wrapping up this fall with Breaking Dawn, Part 2, everyone's getting nostalgic. The Teen Choice Awards gave the cast some sort of lifetime achievement award last night, and this video surfaced on YouTube less than a week ago. I gotta hand it to JOceans11, s/he has made Twilight infinitely more watchable by setting it to the theme from Inception and by choosing scenes that, in a different context, actually look like they could've come out of a Christopher Nolan movie.

One about mind control and undead creatures with superhuman strength, that is. But after watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt fight gangsters in a revolving hotel hallway and Leonardo DiCaprio fight through an icy terrain that's actually Cillian Murphy‘s mind… vampires don't seem quite so crazy, now do they?

So… if we count Kristen Stewart getting turned into a vampire as her dying, does that mean that Nolan has “fridged” yet another female character? Also, the BRAAAHHHMMM set to Bella biting her lip was an inspired choice.