17 of the Cutest Kids in Christmas Movies

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‘Tis the season of Christmas carols, frantic trips to the mall and all of the Christmas cookies. It's also the season of curling up by the fire and watching holiday movies.

There are a lot of great holiday movies to choose from whether you love comedies or the throwback classics. What makes all of our favorite holiday movies so special isn't just the festive theme, it's also the characters. Just think about those special characters whose lines you have memorized by heart and who have created some of your favorite GIFs. Out of all of the characters, the kids always have a special spot in our hearts. After all, you probably started watching some of your fave holiday films when you were a kid yourself so you could totally relate to the youngsters. Now that you're older and wiser, you probably love looking back at those adorable faces and remembering when you were that age. And you can probably still relate to their despair about not getting the perfect gift or having to put up with annoying relatives. Here are the 17 cutest kids from Christmas movies.