All I Wanted For Christmas Was To Be One Of Neil Patrick Harris’ Children

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gideon harris

It seems like just yesterday that I watched Oprah meet little baby Gideon and Harper Burtke-Harris and made the important decision to come back as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka‘s baby in my next life. You'd have genes that essentially guarantee beauty and musical giftedness, a cushy life, one parent who is for all intents and purposes perfect, and enough dads to teach you how to ride a bike AND throw a fabulous dinner party, possibly at the same time. There's just no downside. Now the should-be baby Gap models are all grown up – in the sense that they can now stand up on their own and wear bowties  – and the dream is alive and well. Ah to be a Burtka-Harris kid at Christmas…

gideon neil patrick harris christmas kids

Neil and David stayed up until 2:00 AM building Gideon a train set because, of course they did. That kitchen is the definition of taste and class – hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, sleek but visually interesting stools to sit at a marble-topped island – because of course it is. And David is smiling lovingly at little Gideon because, do you see how freakin' adorable the kid is? Oh and when you're a Burtka-Harris kid you get a personalized Santa hat and onesie.

harper neil patrick harris kid christmas

Okay so if you're a Burtka-Harris girl, you come out adorable and perfect as well. And your dads naturally sprung for the best child gate the store had for their beautiful wood staircase, just because they care.

gideon neil patrick harris burtke christmas kids children

When you're a little Burtka-Harris man, you have style. You wear baby bowties and pint-sized tuxedo jackets and you pair them with red pants and red-laced designer kicks just to make it a little fun and festive for the holidays, because you know you can pull it off. Gideon isn't just rocking that bowtie, Gideon knows he is rocking that bowtie.

harper neil patrick harris david burtke kid twitter christmas

And finally, when you're a Burtka-Harris girl, you get to wear red Mary Janes to go with your cropped sweater with a ruffle detail, contrasted with a green tutu and accessorized with pigtails. The ensemble is enough so people know you're celebrating the holiday, but it's no tacky Christmas sweater. It's trendy yet classic, adorable yet sophisticated. You jump around smile and pump your fists in the air, because your life rocks. And your dad makes witty remarks about you as he lovingly snaps a picture for all your future adoring fans.

(Photos: Twitter, @ActuallyNPH)