Olivia Munn And Christina Hendricks Deny That Alleged Nude Photos Are Real

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Christina Hendricks nude photos phone hackedOver the weekend, a pile of alleged nude cell-phone photos of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks and Magic Mike star Olivia Munn cropped up online, but both actresses have denied that the full-body nudes are them.

It all started on a Motherless thread, where a user asked others which celebrities they'd love to see naked pics of. When the others responded with their lists but the original poster didn't deliver, another poster embedded a ton of photos into the thread. They featured Christina vamping about at home in a sheer sweater and no pants, in a corset, and in a tank top. Not to mention there was a topless photo with very large breasts and no head. Later in the thread, someone also posted photos of Olivia, both in a bikini/lingerie and allegedly naked.

If you want to see all of the NSFW photos — including some that are addressed to a guy named “Chris”; it's unclear if Olivia added that text or a lonely fan did — check out this imgur gallery.

Within hours, both celebrities had released statements to TMZ addressing the situation. Christina's rep admitted that yes, her phone had been hacked recently, and that the photos of her without pants/shoving her boobs together in her bra were real. However, the rep stressed, the one topless shot is not her.

Christina Hendricks nude photos phone hacked

Word from Olivia's camp has been less forthcoming. TMZ talked to “sources close to her,” who say that she was caught in a similar situation: All of the pics where she's scantily clad are from photo shoots and the like, and she's posted them all to Twitter before. However, the naked photo with no face is not her. Redditor KingPharaoh disagrees, pointing out that in the legit photos Olivia has a dent above her belly button, and you can see that same dent in the nude photo. (That said, it's not as clear as in the Olivia pics.)

Olivia Munn nude photos

Last night, Olivia tangentially addressed the situation by tweeting, If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you'd find and linking to some cute baby and cat photos. That seems to be the best statement we'll get out of her.

Olivia Munn nude photos