Christina Hendricks Is Tired Of Being Asked If She’s Tired Of Being Asked About Her Boobs

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TMZ posted an item today that's more amusing for its defensive tone than anything a celebrity said or did. You see, the good people at TMZ were just doing their job, staking out the restaurant where Christina Hendricks was having dinner/drinks with friends, when she emerged wearing a modest black jacket. “Christina, I have a question,” the paparazzo began, prompting her to look over and listen to what it was. “Do you ever get tired of people talking about the twins?” At which point she visibly smiled a little before turning around and going back to saying goodbye to the people she'd been hanging out with.

This seems like a fairly reasonable reaction to me; who'd want to interrupt friend time to answer a question they'd been asked a million times before? We know she's not just being a snobby celebrity, because the camera actually catches her posing for a picture with a fan before the TMZ guy makes his move. But this question annoyed her, so without being nasty about it, she declined to give them a sound bite of any kind. This made TMZ indignant:

One day after she wore a top that shoved her boobs into her chin … “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks SHUT US DOWN when we asked a TOTALLY FAIR question about 'em.

Hendricks was out in L.A. Tuesday night when we asked if she ever gets tired about people talking about her gals … when she refused to answer and walked away from our camera.

Of course, Christina hasn't always been so shy about her chest … and if you're not a blind person, you can see the proof below.

So basically, their reasoning goes, if an actress with boobs wears a low-cut dress on the red carpet, she must entertain infinite “TOTALLY FAIR” questions about “'em” or she's a hypocritical bitch. How many questions can you even ask about boobs? (A lot, apparently.) And who refers to boobs as “the twins”? Does every skinny actress have to answer a million questions about her skinniness?? All in all, I think she handled this little interaction pretty well. We see her being nice to a fan, being nice to her friends, and even being pretty nice about declining to answer TMZ's dumb question. Joan Harris 1, paparazzi 0.