Conan Hits On Christina Hendricks During Their Interview, Because Who Wouldn’t?!

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Conan Hits On Christina Hendricks During Their Interview  Because Who Wouldn t  Christina Hendricks wave gif

If I ever saw Christina Hendricks in real life, I think I’d die on the spot. I’d lay eyes on her and then immediately stop breathing. She’s just the kind of attractive that I’m pretty sure is illegal in like 25 states. And I’m simply not strong enough to survive seeing that in person. However, if by some miracle I did survive the encounter, every word I said to her would be flirty. It would be like in movies when people discover they can speak a foreign language and it just comes out without them knowing what’s happening. So I don’t blame Conan O’Brien for getting a little mild flirt work in during last night’s interview.

It’s not a creepy kind of flirtation (this isn’t Matt Lauer we’re talking about), but rather just a careful use of fun interview questions to sneak in some references to how hot Christina is. You know, questions like “Do men crash their cars when they see you walking down the street?” and “Will you ever change your beautiful red hair color please don’t change your hair color it looks so amazing on you REDHEADS UNITE!” (On second thought, this interview might actually be a hidden ploy to get Christina Hendricks to join the redhead resistance.)

He holds himself together way better than I would in her presence. I mean, have you seen her? And more importantly, have you seen her on Mad Men? Every time Joan shows up in a scene my TV screen fogs up like the car window in Titanic. And interestingly, a hand always pops up and smudges it. Actually, since the new season is starting up this weekend, I really need to get this fixed. Is this happening on everyone’s TV? Do I need to call my cable provider? I’m worried it’s causing damage.

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