1989 Called To Tell You About That Time Christina Applegate Ditched Brad Pitt Mid-Date

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1989 Called To Tell You About That Time Christina Applegate Ditched Brad Pitt Mid Date Christina Applegate Watch What Happens Live August 2015 jpg

I write about recent celebrity gossip on a daily basis around these parts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get just as excited to find out a juicy bit of drama from back in the day. And no, I’m not talking about whatever pseudo-drama Lifetime thinks they’re selling with their behind-the-scenes tell-alls. I’m talking about discovering that two celebs used to date… or that one of them ditched the other one during one of those dates. Kind of like how Christina Applegate ditched Brad Pitt at the 1989 MTV Movie Awards for another guy.

Earlier this week, Christina appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, which is where all the good dirt gets dug up thanks to all the alcohol Andy Cohen provides his guests. Christina participated in a game called “Plead the Fifth,” in which Andy asks several questions, and she can only plead the fifth (ie, not answer) to one of them. One of the questions Andy asks is about that fateful 1989 day. Apparently Christina has talked about this before, but she never revealed who the other guy was. That’s what Andy wants to know.

Christina proceeds to have a mini-freakout because she’s already pleaded the fifth to a question about her co-stars’ junk. She doesn’t name any names, but she does answer a few of Andy’s vaguer questions, like whether he was famous and whether she went on to date him. (The answers to that are yes and no.) While I’m bummed he didn’t get a name out of her, I’m so excited that this bit of gossip has been brought back to light, because I’d never heard about it.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Brad Pitt, I gotta say that was pretty cold of Christina. But there’s something about the fact that it was the ’80s and she was only 18 and she was at the freakin’ MTV Movie Awards that puts a delightful retro haze over the whole thing and makes it seem so much more acceptable. Thanks for the decades-old scoop, Andy!