Christina Aguilera Continues To Define Hot Mess By Confirming She Never Wears Underwear

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I'm harboring an unhealthy obsession with Christina Aguilera. Ever since I started watching her as a judge on The Voice last season, I've grown increasingly fascinated with her behavior. While so many people are quick to call her a train wreck, I disagree. She's not a wreck. But she's certainly driving the train straight into Crazy Town. And you know what, I'm purchasing a ticket because this could be the best ride running through Hollywood right now.

Unlikely Britney Spears who got famous too young, experienced a very public breakdown (meth or myth?) and pulled off a comeback as a respected pop star, Christina did no such thing. Sure, she also got famous in her teens and sure she also went through some stuff — but she never attempted a comeback.

Divorce. Whatever! Body changes. Who cares! She's clearly not interested in pulling off a comeback because she doesn't want to go back. She's too busy dying her hair wacky colors and finding subtle ways of showing us her cleavage. Seriously, no matter what the woman wears on The Voice, from a corset to a turtleneck, you can always see 90% of her boobs. I respect that talent and I envy that talent.

It's the same reason I respect her confession on Chelsea Lately last night. She made an appearance on the show and told Chelsea she wanted to clear up a rumor that her Voice co-judge Blake Shelton started on Chelsea's show.

I heard he was so supportive, but he's wrong. I don't like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times. So you know it's just who I am.

While this not only makes me trust her more (if she admits to this, there's nothing she's hiding), it also makes me appreciate the fact that she used her hand when doing this move.

Sure she showed up to the show looking like she purchased her entire outfit from the lost & found bin at a frat house, but that's what I think we've all come to love about Christina. She's not following anyone's rules but her own.

Watch her whole interview go down right here: