Christina Aguilera Awkwardly Doesn’t Recognize A Fellow Mouseketeer On The Voice

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Christina Aguilera Tony Lucca The Voice

Last night's episode of The Voice marked the second time that the celebrity judge of a singing competition has come face-to-face with a blast from her past. Two weeks ago, Jane Carrey stunned Jennifer Lopez, since the last time J.Lo had seen Jim Carrey‘s daughter was when she was a baby and the two were working on In Living Color. Now, it's Christina Aguilera who's confronted with former Mickey Mouse Club performer Tony Luccabut she obviously doesn't remember the time they spent together.

To be fair, Tony is a good sport from the start and never gets his hopes up that Christina has a copy of the photo the producers dug up — of them at about fourteen years old — and that she'll squeal with recognition if and when she turns around in the judge's chair. But the audition is made more nerve-wracking by Carson Daly and even Tony's little boy declaring how sure they are that Christina will recognize her old buddy.

It's worth watching the whole eight-minute bit, for how the producers amp up the tension of “will she or won't she?” Plus, Adam Levine seems genuinely excited about Tony's rendition of “Trouble” and his future prospects.

Vulture has it right when they say that a producer obviously alerted Christina to Tony's identity. They try to turn it into this big, meaningful realization when she hops out of her judge's chair and races backstage, but it's just way too fabricated. She could've saved it if she'd said something like, “I'm so sorry, I completely didn't recognize you,” but the best he gets is a half apology. Stick through til the end, and you'll see his kid giving Christina a kind of yeah-right expression.