Christina Aguilera shows off her ‘nursing’ boobs

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Mama mia, take a look at those post-pregnancy breast! Have you watched the video clip of Christina's interview at Ellen de Generes show?

CHRISTINA Aguilera stepped out for the first time since giving birth to her baby boy Max.

Aguilera appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning for her first TV interview.

She is positively glowing showing off her boobs in a low cut flowy green dress.

Ellen cut right to the chase asking in asking her if she is “nursing” or breast feeding before they had a laugh and she commented that Max is going to be a very healthy boy.

Aguilera also revealed details of her recent spending spree on “penis balloons” for Max's circumcision, and and what life is like after moving in to their new home – the former Osbourne family mansion.

Via News.com.au