Plus-Size Dating Site Offers Christina Aguilera $3 Million To Be Their SpokesFattie

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Today, in news of the depressing: famous curvaceous woman Christina Aguilera has been offered $3 million to be the new spokesperson for a “plus-size” dating website called TheBigAndTheBeautiful.com. The site is owned by America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson (the first plus-sized model to win the competition), who started it as a result of her own struggles to find a date online. (WTF?)

“I have been following Ms. Aguilera's career and feel she would be a perfect fit as the new face of the brand,” Thompson said in a press release. Her promotional duties would involve “one television commercial, one radio spot, two photo shoots, and four public appearances in which she endorses The Big and the Beautiful.” She would also need to write them a catchy jingle, ‘natch.

Christina has certainly been an outspoken proponent of body acceptance, but I find this depressing on multiple levels. First, Christina Aguilera is not fat. Christina Aguilera is curvy and hot. (And so is Whitney Thompson, for that matter.) To tap her to be the spokesperson for a plus-size dating site is a little offensive to all the actually-fat people out there. X-tina is only fat by Hollywood standards. To everyone else, she's normal. Who are they going to ask next, Christina Hendricks?

And why do we even need a website for plus-size people? (“Plus size” being a murky term in and of itself.) Are so many men really rejecting women across the board for having a little extra flesh that they need a special website, like it's some niche fetish instead of, you know, the majority of American women? I realize there's a large community of self-identified “fat admirers” out there, but I don't think Whitney Thompson or Christina Aguilera fit the bill of what those dudes are looking for.

Lastly, Christina Aguilera isn't single; she's been dating production assistant Matthew Rutler for two years. Shouldn't the spokesperson for a product be someone who might ostensibly use the product herself?

X-tina has yet to respond to the offer.

(Via Us Weekly)

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