Don’t Tell Anyone, But I Secretly Love Christina Aguilera’s New Song

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You guys, please don't tell anyone, because I make fun of her a lot, but I secretly really love Christina Aguilera‘s new song ‘Your Body'. The song is being released on September 17th, but the album itself, which is called ‘Lotus', isn't being released until November. Which gives you two solid months¬† to get extremely tired of this song, as awesome as it is, and extremely ready for the rest of the songs on the album, which will hopefully also be awesome.

Part of what's so great about this song, to me, is that I'd kind of written Christina off. Once you see someone all painted up like a chubby geisha on The Voice, you lose a little faith in their ability to make music. She's had so much going on in her personal life, most of which has been splashed all over the tabloids, that I forgot how she became famous in the first place.

Reminder: it was for sangin' and being a sassy bitch, and this song has both. It's like a perfect combination, stylistically, of her old stuff, and then new stuff kind of reminiscent of Usher. I mean, I think so. I'm kind of still self-conscious that I don't hate it. Regardless, it makes me want to go to a club and rub up on somebody. Or else go on a run and feel really good about how awesome I must look jogging…until I catch a glimpse of myself as I pass a window and realize I still look like an out-of-shape bag of limbs limping my way home. But mostly the club one.

It's the perfect last song of summer for you to blast at top volume in your dorm getting ready for school, or on your headphones in your cubicle getting ready for work…or Solitaire. Regardless, this song is hawtt. And yes, I spelled that right.

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